Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In support of beauty

As I drive around Atlanta, appreciating the beauty of Spring, I uncover a thought I've been pondering.
My favorite blooms right now are on the redbud trees and on the dogwood trees.
I like the way, in their natural state, they reach out through the other trees and make everything look more beautiful.  
(Can you see the redbud blossoms above and the dogwood blossoms below?
Subtle, delicate.)
 They do not need to be center stage.
Rather, they support the beauty of the trees around them.
Like a brassiere.*

So that as I am driving along, I remember to look at the trees.
 All of the trees. 
And I think, "oh, I'm sorry.  I've been taking you for granted.
Thank you for your little flowers.  Thank you for your green backdrop.
You all make life more beautiful."
I want my jewelry to be like that.
I want to be a friend like that.
To support beauty.
Like a brassiere*.
Preferably underwire.

*Elizabeth Berg deserves credit for using the brassiere simile.  For more on that, read this.

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jlbessel said...

Thanks for all of the above shots!!! They are beautiful. I want to go to Utah. Can I see those things without running?