Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want a big fat doughnut

I don't have a list of favorite books or favorite movies.  
This is because my list would tend to consist of whatever I read or watched last.
That's how my memory works.
Having admitted this, here is my new favorite book:
The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted; and Other Small Acts of Liberation by Elizabeth Berg 
(look at it here).
Elizabeth Berg, as always, made me laugh out loud and sigh deeply as I related to her women.
A compilation of short stories, Berg writes about women of all ages, their actions and relationships, and their thoughts about these actions and relationships.

In the title story, the main character is a Weight Watchers member who walks out of her meeting, I'll call her Cindy.
For a day, Cindy decides to eat whatever she wants.  
I read the story and salivated as I wondered what I would eat--if even for just one meal.
I wish I could say that the foodie in me would choose a fabulous restaurant with a world-class chef.
That I would choose something exotic.  
But, alas, the only thing I can think about is a big fat bavarian creme-filled doughnut with chocolate frosting. 
 In WW we are told that if we have a strong craving, we should satisfy it and then count the points.
"Fit it in the plan."
If not, we may eat several other items that we don't really want just to scratch the itch and it probably won't satisfy the craving.

Here's the opening paragraph for you, just to put your salivary glands to work:

the day i ate  whatever i wanted
I began at Dunkin’ Donuts. I hadn’t gone there since I started Weight Watchers a year ago because I had to lose weight; my doctor made me go. I could have switched doctors, but who needs it with all the forms you have to fill out if you switch. You just wish there were a central headquarters with all your information that you write out once so that everyone who needs anything could tap into it.
--Elizabeth Berg

I like this book so much.
I may actually remember it is one of my favorites (like Zippy or the movie Spanglish).
I may even attempt quoting it (though usually I mess up quotes the way I mess up idioms).

For now, I'm off to Dunkin' to scratch the itch (and I will count all 8 points, Julie P.).
Afterward, I will re-read the story entitled "The Day I Ate Nothing I Remotely Wanted."
And tomorrow I will run.

What would you eat?


Jennifer said...

easy: Stilesboro biscuit

Quiltgirl said...

Well, these days i pretty much eat whatever I want along with lots i don't really want but i'm pretty sure will make me feel better (like huge cookies that we bought hundreds of for Meg's baptism). I usually want to eat a Polish Dog from Costco or a Chicken Avocado Panini from Paradise Bakery with Fire Roasted Tomato soup. with Diet Coke on the rocks.

The Cannon Family said...

Icecream. Lots and lots of icecream.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

Well. Now I want all of these.

Lil Kukla said...

I want something cheesey and ooey gooey like a seven cheese dip or cheese fondue. Ooh speaking of fondue I could be healthy and say fruit fondue with choclate!

rose said...

I have been having the same problem this week, compounded by a dwindling food supply in my cupboard. it helped when I ate a serving of chocolate malt-o-meal the other night though. did you realize it's only 2 or 3 points, including the added sugar? I can't remember which because I haven't really been tracking, but I know that was a better indulgence than the 7 or 8 points for peanut butter m&ms that I had last week...

Tara said...

Oh, I need to pick that book up - sounds like my kind of read. What would I eat? That's so hard...a D'Angelo's steak and cheese sub with mushrooms and peppers. They don't know how to make a good steak sandwich in the south - pitiful!