Friday, February 12, 2010

A valentine for you

This one is from Olivia.
But since I posted it, does that mean I am still becoming the weird cat lady?
 (photo taken and possibly "styled" by Olivia)

Pet postings twice in a row.  I gotta get a life! 
I think I'll go to the studio and make something.  
Maybe I'll sew.  Project Runway gets under my skin.

Anyone else in the mood to create today?


Lorinda said...

What's wrong with your life? What's wrong with pets? Stand tall, girl. Be proud. i'm kind of in the mood to create. I couldn't sleep this morning, so i cleaned my craft room and unearthed several unfinished projects.

Lil Kukla said...

Rindy-Come and clean my craft room!!! It's actually the junk room so I took over Andy's manpit. He now calls it the craft pit.

Cin-I could write about my girls everyday. It never occurs to me that someone else may not be interested in my dogs. Nor does it occur to me that someone might refer to me as crazy dog lady. But Lauralyn's husband calls me Dog Girl so I guess they are already thinking it!!

rose said...

I wish I were there to see those kittens grow up, I'm missing having one of my own so much. And yes, you are a crazy pet lady but there is one inside of everyone [who is a good person]. Right?

Jennifer said...

Are they making a heart shape on purpose? 'Cause that's pretty darn cute.

Laura said...

doug's a HOTTIE!! :)
and no rose...there is NOT a pet person inside all good people! i am a fantastic and amazing woman who does not at this particular time in life, want to room with something covered in hair...that may or may not have potty issues...might possibly chew on something i love...and will only do tricks when bribed with treats...that's what toddlers are for!