Sunday, February 14, 2010

half of me

Recently, while crocheting these cute headbands for my virtual friend April, I was catching up on my overloaded Tivo.
I don't know if I was watching TV so that I could crochet, or crocheting so I could watch TV.
That's not true. 
I do know.
(April will be sending these to orphans in Mexico)

Doug was on a trip and so I was trying to watch only shows we don't watch together.
And shows that don't require my ardent attention (no Project Runway). 
And thus, Oprah and I spent our day together.  
I noticed, however, that every time something was particularly interesting,  my thought was,
"I'll have to save this to show Doug."

It reminded me of our younger life when I was compelled to share passages in a book until we were eventually reading the whole book aloud.
I now have been with Doug half of my life. 
(Doug on the Tetons in the 80's. what's not to love?)
(Doug in Normandy in the 2000's.  What's not to love?)
Hmmm, interesting state of affairs.
We have moved from sharing literature to sharing Tivo...

Before you know it we will be in our matching La-Z-boys and slippers watching the Game Show Network.
I'd rather we grow old on a porch swing.
But as long as we grow old together, I'm okay.

Happy Valentine's Day.
(he's smart, too.  Not just a trophy husband)


Quiltgirl said...

k. you got me crying. cute headbands, too. love you guys.

Tara said...

I can really see your boys in that first photo of your husband. Great pictures.

bonnie jack said...

he is so cute! and the headbands. tell me you saved at least one for olivia.

jlbessel said...

OK, I have been obsessing over this knitted flower book I want and now thanks to you and your headbands I will have to get it. Not to mention the fact that I will feel guilty if one of the knitted flowers doesn't make it's way to an orphan. First the leper bandages, now this. You Hoppers really keep me busy. Oh yeah, you look cute Doug ...Yadda...Yadda. :)

douglas said...

This is quite probably the most loving thing any wife has ever posted about her husband. I am happy. And it took me this long to figure out how to comment on this post, or I would have done it immediately.