Monday, February 8, 2010

Three Cougars, or maybe only two...

 Brigham Young University Mascot.
Some of these were in Park City.
John (cougar) Mellencamp on my flight home (with my new friend Andy).

Okay, okay, I need to qualify the final Cougar.
My new friends, Andy, Nancy and I were all watching and admiring Mr. "Mellencamp" and considering our good fortune at sighting a celebrity.
Andy, having more courage than I, asked Mr. "Mellencamp" if I could take a picture for my "boys."
Mr. "Mellencamp" said, "Who?  Me?"
Andy, "Aren't you Mister Mellencamp?"
Mr. "Mellencamp" scoffs.  Laughs.  Possibly rolls his eyes.
Then grins and says, "Want a picture anyway?"

I will assume it was really him.  Why else would he offer the photo op?
I like to believe he was just trying to not draw too much attention to himself.
And I like to believe I finally saw a celebrity (besides that possible Lisa Bonet sighting at World Peace Cafe).
What do you think?

Look at these pics and remember the other kinds of "work" celebrities do...
a picture of John Mellencamp from Google Images
and then the cover of his 2008 album, Life Death Love and Freedom

And try not to shatter by bubble.  Or at least deflate it gently.

The winner is...
C. Cannon of the Cannon Family!
So far I have noticed that my execution of contests has not gone as smoothly as planned.
For this one, my riddle was a bit confusing.
C. commented first, and I am pretty sure she would have gotten all three correct, had I written the second clue a bit better.
When I rewrote that clue, she got it right away.

And, for the record Rose, I am not a cougar!  Your dad is only 20 days younger than I...


Lil Kukla said...

Rose didn't call you a cougar, did she???? What does she know that the rest of us don't?

The guy in your picture looks like someone so I won't burst that bubble but I was thinking a puffed up Ryan Seacrest!

Good mystery though...I probably see a million celebrities but I'm no good at facial recognition so I'll just go with the flow and say it was Johnnie Cougar!

The Cannon Family said...

Wahoo! See, the benefits of reading your blog are not only a brighter day but also fantastic accessories! I love the Sheeba earrings, but let's be honest, I couldn't go wrong with anything you have :) Thanks Cindy!!

Tara said...

If he isn't Mellencamp, you certainly made his day! I have a Natalie Cole sightin I'll have to tell you someday.

It looks like you had great fun.

Cindy said...

Yes, Tara, he may have been flattered, unless he looked up the "old guy" photos online!