Sunday, October 25, 2009

Suede? I am suede!/Fall is here

 Shoes by Betty Blue, purchased at an awesome sale in Copenhagen (yes, I am spoiled).  I couldn't find them anywhere online.  Sorry Lacy P.

It is time to put away the sandals.  I see that tights are now fashionable with sandals, but I don't think I am brave enough to be so fashion forward.  How brave would I be if I didn't live in the burbs?

Why do I still need a pedicure?

I have some really nice shoes I want to wear that are Fall-ish.  Too bad we are so rainy this year.  These lovely suede numbers are waiting for me in my closet (thanks, Oma, for the birthday gift):
This the Marcella shoe from Sundance.  They are a great deal at the online outlet:
Did you know there was an online outlet for Sundance?  

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Laura said...

you have the best stinkin legs!! good thing i already love you or i'd hate you! :)