Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy 15 my beautiful boys

Jackson and Eddie 18 months old.

Eddie 1+ year old.

Jackson 1+ year old.

Jackson 2 years old.

Eddie 2 years old.

Eddie now.

Jackson now.

What happened to the cherubic little babies?
Truthfully, they still are incredibly cherubic (even if I don't get to squeeze them as much).

When I was pregnant with my boys, I told Jennifer H. that I planned to call them "Jack and Eddie."  She said those names sounded like two little boys torturing a cat.  I won't go into how she pegged that one.

I can never get enough of looking at their little boy pix.  Marci G. called them "squishy babies."  Deliciously true.

Somebody stop me!

How lucky am I to be the mother of two wonderful young men?


Marci said...

And I never could decide which squishy I loved more. I guess that makes me an official surrogate aunt, I could never have chosen one over another, sometimes I thought it was Jackson and then I'd appreciate some little detail about Eddie... BTW Jackson doesn't always look that scary now, does he?

Cindy said...

Heh heh.
Jax is beautiful.
Scroll down to the blog about running--there are more photos.
He just likes to play with photo shop. I guess he heard vampires are popular with the chicks right now .;-)

jlbessel said...

OK now that the pictures are up, I am tremendously sad I will never squeeze or hold those babies again. I miss their baby room and baby faces. How does it happen so quickly? It seems like yesterday Jackson saw "baby Grace sleeping in the tree. Spiderwebs" this uttered while he was wearing his superman cape and "daddy" hat. Cindy I love all of your kids but there is something about that two for one special!