Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where life happened

In Sociology 211 we once read about social classes and porches.
It was stated that the lower socio-economic class would sit on porches in the front of their homes.
While the middle class spent their time in private backyards.
(My childhood home in Idaho.)

This was news to me.
You see, my childhood was spent on our front porch.
Were we poor?
(The porch was a place for portraits.  I am the darling urchin skipping rope.)

Or did we just enjoy visiting with strolling neighbors,
listening to the sounds of a distant ball games,
and watching life happen in front of us
as we sat in the embrace of my mother's petunias and daisies?
  (I know Dad took this picture because it is what Mom would call "skeewampus.")
(Before the Pinoneer Day Parade.  I guess Kevin was not such a happy Indian to be posing on the porch).

(Kevin and Julie making snowballs.  I was a sleeping baby at this time.)
(This is one of the last pictures taken on our porch.
If Mom were still alive, she would "skin my hide" for posting this photo.)

And where does the upper class spend their time?
On yachts I presume.
Or playing football on the lawn of their Hyannis estate.

What do sociologists know?
Maybe the divide is not about socio-economic demographics,
but rather the Mrs. Kravitzes vs. the non-Mrs. Kravitzes.
If you don't know who Mrs. Kravitz is, you are probably sitting on your backyard deck right now.

Am I right?
Mrs. Kravitz

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Quiltgirl said...

i think it has less to do with socioeconomics and more to do with which direction your house faces and where you have more shade at which time of day. Although, now that i have a railing on my front porch, i am gonna have to get some taller chairs or i won't be able to see a single thing from my front porch this summer. but at least children and old people will stop falling from my porch.