Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back when I had hair

I feel like a Chinese Crested.
Only backwards.
 (now I've gone and done it--my head looks so big!)

Back when I had hair...
Why did I want this haircut so badly?
Why did I have short crops on my vision board?
Why didn't I remember that I have aged 10 (plus) years since I had such a cut?
Why didn't anyone tell me that my moppy messy hair suited me?
And why didn't anyone show me these pictures before I went under the scissors?
Back when I had hair.

I am not fishing for compliments. 
So don't bother telling me how great this cut is.
I do love the cut. 
I just don't love it on my head.


Quiltgirl said...

Cindy! i love it. It makes your eyes stand out and your eyes are so beautiful! I mean, if you don't like it, it will grow back, right? just not before Hawaii. I really do like it though. And Mickey said it's gorgeous.

Jill said...

I know you aren't asking for compliments, but I think it suits your head very well! Beautiful!

jlbessel said...

You said not to say I love it (even though I do) so I won't. You hair grows fast. It will look like the old pictures by the end of the summer, and in the meantime you have great beach/ pool/ humidity hair.

I know what you are going through, I did the same thing last summer. I thought I could go back to my baby Grace crop. I looked like an aged locks of love donor gone wrong. So very wrong. Age spot and crows feet wrong. I did however have a great summer at the pool.

Cindy at LottieBird said...

All right, guys. I told you I wasn't fishing for compliments!

But I'll take them...

And you must know Jill, my virtual friend, that your post

contributed to my longing for short hair.
But I didn't end up looking like your model friend! Kinda like when my hairstylist told me, about a decade ago, "I cannot make you look like Sharon Stone."


Cindy at LottieBird said...

So glad you understand.
Yes, embrace the "practicality" (something I never want my hair or my shoes to be called! and something they both are right now. sigh.)

bonnie jack said...

i have regretted the last several times i have cut my hair short. vowed never to do it again. now it is just long and blah. ugh. i wish i had your curls, long or short.

Lil Kukla said...

I won't repeat the comments. Of course you have great hair and really can pull off any hairstyle you want. Since I cut my hair, I've longed to have a pony tail. I've been walking around with a million barrettes and a pony nub. Whoever said that short hair is cooler then long hair must have been talking about a total head shave to achieve the coolness. Of course, it could have nothing to do with my hair and everything to do with being 45 and a half and maybe approaching the change!