Friday, May 28, 2010

oh for cryin'outloud


It seems that I bring snow to Utah.
May 24th, 2010.
This is what I see:
The snowflakes are ginormous--more like a snowflake colony.
And I won't even make any Utah jokes here...

But the snow's worth it.
This is why I came:
(Brand new niece... and some of her sibs)
 (babysitting tip: feed them chocolate and let them watch a movie.  It's a snap and I am the best aunt ever!)

(Lyndee getting ready for our family reunion in Hawaii...okay, okay, it's a jaundice thing)

Things got looking better.  This was the next day:

Lovely lovely baby girl.
Lovely family.
And a bonus lovely:
I got to see Rose.
 (No, this baby is not Rose's--she is a proud cousin!  Though I got called "Grandma" once.  Sigh.)


Quiltgirl said...

gorgeous pix!! thanks for coming. what a treat to have you all to ourselves!

Jill said...

snow???? egads!!

the rest looks wonderful, though!

jlbessel said...

Congratulations!!! Good work Lorinda....Cindy, if I have another baby will you come visit me again?