Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need some help

In my quest for these:
I found these:
But they kinda belong in the European Comfort Club...

Help me find some comfortable shoes
that don't look like practical shoes.
Is it possible?
Am I asking too much?


Dani said...

Oh, Cindy, I love those! So sad they're not comfy! I wish I had a suggestion for you as to cute, comfy shoes to buy, but I pretty much wear my nike running shoes and my flip flops, haha. Good luck in your hunt!

Steph said...

Rocket Dogs!!!


I love my rocket dogs. But they aren't fancy trendy, they are urban trendy. So I dunno if you could handle them.

Why didn't you get the green ones, they are cute!

The Cannon Family said...

How about Toms? My sister just turned me on to those. Super comfy, and I'm banking on cool since my college age sister says they are :o)