Thursday, July 8, 2010

Coloring in the lines

My blogosphere friend, Jill, left a message for me after reading the post "Fading Away." 
I will share my reply, just in case any of my other blog friends have this little problem:

"Okay, I tried the CG lipstain upon your recommendation! It looked like I let a 3-year old put marker on my lips. Is there a secret to applying it?? :)"

My reply:
Oh dear, Jill!  I've made you stain your lips!
Well, I usually put it on kind of lightly and then blot with my finger.
I don't like a really strong lip, and this has been working for me.
Sorry I didn't give specifics before.
I hope you'll try again.
In the meantime, don't even think of Bozo the Clown.
Unless you're thinking how much prettier you are...

Anyone else have lip stain suggestions?
A lighter color perhaps?
Darn that Sonia Kashuk for discontinuing hers!

1 comment:

Jill said...

You make me laugh, you know it??