Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sometimes it's okay to ignore the warning signs.
Because sometimes they are wrong.

Behind the sign was this:

Here is a sign I obeyed.

I didn't want to disturb this:

Have you ever been to the Gulf beaches in Florida?
I'm pretty sure that if God chose his own beach, this would be it.

Do you see my white towel on the railing?
The sand really is that white.

The water really is turquoise.
(even if my photography skills couldn't capture the color!)

We were at Tyndall Air Force Base beach (near Panama City, FL).
We had it almost entirely to ourselves.
There was no oil in sight.
A sigh of relief.

I didn't travel any further West.
I was afraid of what I might see.
In my mind, God's Own Beach just can't be disturbed.

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Jen said...

Hi there! I love those gulf beaches also. They are my favorite. Looks like you had a great time!