Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silly song

We sang this song in church today called "Scatter Sunshine".  
I always thought it was a little campy.

One of the premises of the hymn is that if we meet the 
"world's repining" with a smile,
we can gain courage.

I was once asked if my frequent smile was masking pain.
I don't know.
Is that masking--or is it eliminating?

A second premise is that our smile will help others with their pain
(that's the "scattering sunshine" part).
 Can a smile really make a difference to someone else?
Just a smile?

I was pondering the words,
deciding if I was too highbrow to believe them,
when I noticed the little boy in front of me.
He cocked his head and gave me a little crooked grin.

hmmm...I do believe I got scattered.

And so today, the song I always thought was silly, became very wise.

1 comment:

Steph said...

I like your smile. I believe in the scattering principle very much so.