Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cheers to the good guys

My friend Richard Blais just won Top Chef.
Well, we may not be BFFs,
aaaand he man not know that he's my friend,
buuuut he does live next door to my in-laws.
And I did say, "Hi" to him once.
And I was smiling in a friendly* kind of way.

The thing about Richard is that he's a genuinely good guy.
This is how I know:
He helped the other chefs.
He didn't throw tantrums.
He was humble about his successes--and failures.
He didn't complain.
He didn't use language that needed to be bleeped.
And, when asked which fellow chef should have been kicked off sooner, he couldn't come up with a name. 
He really could not.

He may not be my BFF,
but he is just the kind of friend I want.

I wonder if he's taking applications.
Do you suppose he'll join us for dinner on Friday?

*"friendly" may mean goofy and stalkerish to some


Brooke Elyse said...

Cliche- but I would like this if it were on facebook. Too funny!!
It's so nice when people act like people. Respectful, kind, genuine.

Kasey Litt said...

Girl we need to talk...I'm so far behind! Are your in-laws in the duplex and here in Atlanta?????

Elizabeth Bessel said...

Maybe he didn't, but I wish I could have! Here's to
Richard, Jim and I cheered him all the way.